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人教版高中英语必修3 Unit3 The Million Pound Bank Note 学案6


Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note
【学*内容】 一、重点词汇
1. permit v. 允许,准许 n. 许可证;通行证
They absolutely will not permit you to photograph any of the art work in the museum. 他们绝对不会允许你给博物馆里的任何展品拍照。 permit 和 allow 意思相*,都表示“允许,准许”, permit 稍正式一些。二者用法相同。 allow / permit sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 allow / permit doing sth. 允许做某事 with/ without permission 经过/未经过允许 allow for 考虑,顾及 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)请允许我介绍一下玛丽小姐。
Please ____________________ to introduce Miss Mary. (2)我们办公室禁止抽烟。
We ____________________ smoking in our office. (3)我们必须考虑到他缺乏经验。
We must ______________________________ his inexperience. (4)如果天气允许,周末我将去郊游。
If ____________________ (=Weather permitting), I'll go outing this weekend. (5)未经教授允许,没人可进实验室。
Without ____________________, nobody can enter the laboratory.

答案:permit / allow me don't allow / permit allow for weather permits the professor's permission
2. fault n.过错,缺点,故障 Her only fault is stubbornness. 她的唯一缺点是固执。 find fault with sb. 挑某人的毛病 commit a fault 犯错误 correct a fault 改正错误 be at fault 有过错;应受责备 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)错不在我。
It's not ____________________. (2)他总是挑别人的毛病,而自己做得更差。
He always ____________________ others and does worse himself. 答案:my fault finds fault with
3. spot n. 污渍,小点,地方 vt. 看出;看见,发现
Having searched for a long time, I finally spotted my purse. 寻找了好久,我终于看到了钱包。 on the spot 当场;立即 put sb. on the spot 使某人为难 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)从人群中我看到了父亲。
I ________ my father in the crowd. (2)他的名声没有被玷污。

There isn't ____________ on his reputation. (3)医生在事故发生几分钟后就赶到现场了。
The doctor was ____________________ a few minutes after the accident. 答案:spotted
a spot on the spot

4. passage

n. 船费;通道;一段(文章)

This passage will take us to the other building.


earn one's passage 在船上做工充作船费

underground passage 地下通道



There is ____________________ with a room on each side.


We'll read ____________________ about Mark Twain.


The house has _________________________.

答案:a passage

a passage

an underground passage

5. amount n. 数量;总数;总额 During the last two years, he accumulated a great amount of wealth. 在过去的两年里,他积累了大量财富。 a large / great amount of 大量的;许多的 注意: a large amount of 和 large amounts of 的意思相同,它们之后都只能带不可数名词, 但 large amounts of 短语作主语时,谓语应用复数。 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)账单上金额总计多少?

What is ____________________ of the bill? (2)每年她花大量的钱买衣服。
She spends ____________________ money on clothes every year. (3)需要大量的资金。 ____________________ money is required. = ________________ money are required. 答案:the amount
a large amount of A large amount of Large amounts of
1 .bring up 抚养,培养;教育;提及,提出;呕吐 Born in Guangzhou, he was brought up in Wuhan. 他出生在广州,生长在武汉。 bring about 引起; 致使; 造成; 达成 bring along 带来 bring around 使复苏; 使恢复健康 bring back 回忆; 使记起 bring down 使落下,使倒下,击落 bring in 引进; 推广; 吸收参加 bring over 使相信; 把……带过来 bring through 救活,使脱险 bring together 使和解 用适当的介词或副词填空 (1)我姑姑养了 4 个孩子。
My aunt brought ________ four children. (2)主席先生,我想提出一个关于城市环保的问题。
Mr. Chairman, I should like to bring ____ a question about city environmental protection. (3)这个贪吃的孩子把吃下去的东西全吐了出来。
The greedy child brought ________ all he had eaten. (4)赌博终于毁了他。

Gambling has brought ________ his ruin. (5)你为什么不把你弟弟带来?
Why don't you bring your brother ________? (6)几个女孩在高温中昏倒,但医生很快使她们苏醒过来。
Several girls fainted in the heat but the doctor soon brought them ________. (7)他病得很重,但医生的细心护理挽救了他的生命。 He was very ill but the doctor's carefully nursing brought him ________. (8)我们所说的话使他转而同意我们的意见。 What we said brought him ________ to our opinion. 答案:up ;up ;up;about;along;around; through;over
2. go ahead 开始;领先,进行 There seems no reason to go ahead with the project now. 目前似乎没有理由继续进行该项目。 ahead of time / schedule 提前 go straight ahead 直走 ahead of 在……前头;早于;超过 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)--我现在可以开始吗? --开始吧。 - May I start now? - ____________________! (2)尽管主席生病了,但会议仍照计划继续进行。 In spite of the chairman's illness, the meeting will ______________ as planned. (3)沿着这条路直走,然后右转。
____________________, then turn right. (4)同我们一样,他们也提前完成了任务。 They fulfilled their work ______________ as we did ours. 答案:Go ahead go ahead Go straight ahead

ahead of time
3. by accident / accidentally / by chance 偶然,无意中;不小心 Everything seemed to have happened by accident. 一切似乎是偶然发生的。 have an accident 遭受意外 meet with accidents 遭不测;失事 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)哥伦布偶然发现了美洲。
Columbus discovered America________________. (2)这样喝醉的驾驶员是很可能会发生事故的。
Such a drunk driver is likely to_______________. 答案:by accident meet with accidents
4. account for 解释,说明 He could not account for his absence from school. 他无法说明他旷课的原因。 keep an account of 记录,记载 on this / that account 为了这个/那个缘故 on account of 因为,由于 bank account 银行账户 on no account 决不 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)她无法解释其错误。
She could not ______________ her mistake. (2)火车因下雪而延误了。
The trains were delayed ______________ snow. (3)把你花掉的钱记在账上。
____________________ what you spend. (4)天正在下雨,因此我戴了一顶帽子。

It was raining and ____________________ I wore a hat. (5)在任何情况下你们都不能违约。
_________________ must you break the contract. 答案: account for on account of Keep an account of on that account On no account
1. The next morning I'd just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早上,正当我感到绝望时一艘船发现了我。
根据汉语意思,完成英文句子 (1)我正要打电话给你,你的电报就来了。
I was ____________________ telephoning you ________ your telegram arrived. (2)他正在读报,这时听到有人叫他的名字。
He ______________________________ he heard his name called.was reading newspaper when
(3)我正要出门,一位不速之客来访了。 I _______________________ an unexpected visitor came.
答案:on the point of when was about to go out when
2. No, …it's kind of you. 不,你太好了。
用适当的介词填空 (1)他不该剥夺他女儿受教育的权利。
It is wrong ________ him to deprive his daughter of the right to education. (2)孩子们要什么就给什么,父母这样做是不对的。

It is unwise ________ parents to give children whatever they want. 答案:of;of
利用复合句提高句子档次 有的学生在作文中使用过多简单句,成了简单句堆砌;有的写复杂句时,动辄用 so, and, then,but,or,however,yet 等非但达不到丰富表达方式的目的,反而使句子结构松散、呆板。 为了避免这种现象,可以通过使用一些表示从属关系的连接词,如 who, which, that, because, since, although, after, as, before, when, whenever, if, unless, as if 等利用复合句来丰富句型,同时 还能够把思想表达得更 清楚,意义更连贯。在应试写作时,应尽可能地运用复合句以使文章更有逻辑性,同时也 提高了文章的档次。如: 【例 1】Natural resources are very limited. They will be exhausted in the near future. It is not true. But it becomes a major concern around the world. This is a widely accepted fact. 这段文字用简单句表达,它们之间内在的逻辑关系含糊不清,意思支离破碎。如果使用连 接词, 将简单句与其前后合并,形成主次关系,就把一个比较复杂的内容和关系表达得层次清楚、 结构严谨。 It is a widely accepted fact that there is a major concern around the world for the exhaustion of limited natural resources in the near future, though it is unlikely to be true. 【例 2】 The Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in the world,and in springtime it often overflows its banks,and the lives of many people are endangered. 此句用 and 把三个分句一贯到底,单调乏味。如果使用了关系代词 which,语义就会更连 贯,语言也会更流畅。 The Mississippi River, which is one of the longest rivers in the world, often overflows its banks in springtime, endangering the lives of many people. 此外,要写好复合句,一定要注意所写复合句符合英语句子结构的特点及复合句中句子成 分的完整。 如“听到喊声,他跑出了屋子。”,如果一一对译,则容易误译为: When heard the cry, he ran out of the house. 从句与简单句一样,须讲究句子结构的完整性,只不过从句前有一个引导从句的连词而已。 在 when heard…中,很明显,缺少主语,需在 when 后加上 he。

以下是有关广州海洋世界(Guangzhou Ocean World)的介绍,请根据以下内容为《广州旅游 指南》写一篇海洋世界的英文简介。
面积:13 000 *方米 总投资:5000 万美元 地址:广州市先烈路 120 号 概况:成立以来深受好评;每年接待海内外游客 100 万人次 参观内容:各种海洋植物;海洋动物,如:海龟、鲸鱼、海豚等;了解海洋如何形成;许 多专门供小孩阅读有关海洋方面的儿童书籍。 乘车路线:201、234、804 等多路公共汽车 开放时间:每天早上 8 点至晚上 8 点 【写作要求】 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容。 Guangzhou Ocean World, located at 120, Xianlie Road, Guangzhou, has been well thought of since its foundation, attracting more than 1,000,000 visitors from home and abroad every year. It covers an area of about 13,000 sq. meters, with a total investment of US$ 50 million. People can see various sea plants and sea animals like turtles, whales, dolphins, etc., and they can learn how oceans were formed long time ago. Besides, there are lots of children's books about sea for children to read. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day, and visitors can get there by bus No. 201, 234, 804 and many others.
一、单词 1. n. 出生地;故乡____________________ 2. n. 小说 adj. 新奇的;异常的____________________ 3. n. 奇遇;冒险____________________ 4. n. 著者;作家____________________ 5. n. (戏剧)一场;现场;景色____________________ 6. vi. 漫游;漫步;漂泊____________________ 7. v. 许可;允许 n. 通行证;执照____________________ 8. vi. 凝视;盯着看____________________ 9. n. 过错;缺点;故障____________________

10. vt. 发现;认出;n. 污点;地点____________________ 11. n. 理由;计算 v. 认为;说明;总计有____________________ 12. v. 寻找;探索;寻求____________________ 13. n. 耐性;忍耐____________________ 14. n. 反面 adj. 相反的;相违的____________________ 15. adj. 难以置信的____________________ 16. n. 数量____________________ 17. n. 礼貌;举止;方式____________________ 18. vi. 尖声叫 n. 尖叫声____________________ 19. n. 破布;碎布____________________ 20. adv. 真正地;确实;实在____________________ 答案:1. birthplace 2. novel 3. adventure 4. author 5. scene 6. wander 7. permit 8. stare 9. fault 10. spot 11. account 12. seek 13. patience 14. contrary 15. unbelievable 16. amount 17. manner 18. scream 19. rag 20. indeed 二、短语 1. 抚养;培养;教育____________________ 2. 打赌____________________ 3. 前进;往下说;可以____________________ 4. 偶然;不小心____________________ 5. 盯着看;凝视____________________ 6. 导致;做出解释____________________ 7. 与此相反;正相反____________________ 8. 冒险____________________ 9. 衣衫褴褛____________________ 10. 关于;至于____________________ 答案:1. bring up 2. make a bet 3. go ahead 4. by accident 5. stare at 6. account for 7. on the contrary 8. take a chance 9. in rags 10. as for 三、句子 1. And ________________ the ship ________ brought you to England. 2. The fact is ________ I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, ________ accounts for my appearance.

3.________ is well-known ________ Americans like to eat a lot. 答案:1. it was;that 2. that;which 3. it;that 四、用适当的连词填空 1. I am very interested in ________ he has improved his pronunciation in such a short time. 2. The fact ________ she had not said anything at the meeting surprised everybody. 3. You'll miss the train ________ you hurry up. 4. Because of my poor memory, all ________ you told me has been forgotten. 5. ________ you have done might do harm to other people. 答案:how that unless that What 五、把下列每组句子转换成复合句 1. This is our only request. This problem should be settled as soon as possible. ________________________________________________________________________ 2. I have spare time. I will go to see you. ___________________________________________ 3. You study hard. You will pass the exam. (only if) ___________________________________________ 4. All his friends came to the party. This made Tom pleased. ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:This is our only request that this problem should be settled as soon as possible. If I have spare time, I will go to see you. Only if you study hard will you pass the exam. All his friends came to the party, which made Tom pleased. 六、按括号中的提示翻译下列句子 1. 只要我们不失去信心,我们会找到克服困难的方法。(状语从句) ________________________________________________________________________ 2. 成功属于那些努力工作的人。(定语从句) ________________________________________________________________________

3. 据报道这个国家三分之一的城市缺水。(主语从句) ________________________________________________________________________ 4. 所有的这些都表明,我们的国家越来越富强。(宾语从句) ______________________________________________________________________ 答案:As long as we don't lose heart, we'll find a way to overcome the difficulty. Success belongs to those who apply themselves to work. It is reported that one-third of the cities in the country are short of water supply. All these show that our country is becoming stronger and stronger.